Ideas, Not Recipes

Need ideas for that next dinner party, or even your next meal?
See what Food and Wine Guru Stephen Reiss has been cooking.

Along with his wife Famed Photographer Janet Engelhard, Stevie has been circumnavigating the globe since 2008, cooking for new found friends, tasting wine, enjoying life, and taking pictures. We hope these photos and descriptions are your muse to help you find your own expression in the kitchen.

These photos were not posed for this website.
Unlike many pictures of food on the Internet,
everything here was eaten moments after being captured.

Stop Following Recipes, and Follow Your Heart.


With detailed step by step directions, these two sections offer details on not only what to make, but how to make it.

More Ideas

A wall of quick ideas you can throw a metaphorical dart at, and a section of helpful tips to improve your cooking skills.


Insight into how I put my menus together, because one course is never enough.

Stock, glaze, soup base, broth, they are all basically the same thing (just different concentrations). No matter what you call it, sooner or later you are going to need it. So? Make or Buy?


For many Americans in particular, the names of the most famous French dishes will always ring in our heads with the unmistakably high pitched voice of the late Julia Child. “Boeuf Bourguignon” she would say to her audience, and it brought to mind sitting at a tiny sidewalk table in a quaint Parisian bistro. Few associated it with the much more mundane “Beef Stew.”


That we first eat with our eyes is an old adage that is easy to follow, but while our noses and mouths follow our gaze, few consider just how important our ears are to fine dining.

“That sounds wonderful, my mouth is already watering” your guests may comment, when you read them a menu full of exotic dishes, at least once you tell them what they are. How exotic the dish itself is may not matter if the name is cool enough.


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