How I learned to Cook

I started cooking as a child. As the son of a single scientist I learned early that only by cooking for myself could I ensure that I would have something worth eating. It probably began with the little blue box of macaroni and cheese. The directions were obviously just a suggestion and a bit of trial and error produced superior results. The scientific method would serve me well through the years as I would continue to experiment and to eschew the traditional.

A few years as a chef’s apprentice allowed me to add technique to passion, but it was there that I would discover that my palate memory was a rare gift, much less that my penchant for organization would serve me so well. Wine became my main focus for a few decades, but I never lost the joy of instant gratification that comes from cooking for someone right in front of you.

From dinner parties to popup and closed door restaurants I have continued to ply my craft around the world. The only consistent aspect of my cooking is that I have never repeated a menu (well, except for Thanksgiving). Hundreds of menus later, I am still inventing new dishes and flavor combinations.

Most food sites are about recipes, this one is about ideas. What to cook, more than how to cook it. I already have about 75 items that my wife, Famed Photographer Janet Engelhard, managed to capture more or less from beginning to end of the process, but there are at least 100 more that we just have the final results to show you. In order to get the site going we are startig with just a few dishes and will be continuing to update it as we find the time.

We are far from done, and this site will continue to expand not only with new cooking ideas and photos, but with expanded functionality as we create easier ways to search through everything it has to offer.

Click here to dig in, enjoy, and let us know what you think!

Stephen (Stevie to my friends) Reiss