No Machine Required

Homemade ice cream is wonderful but few of us have an ice cream maker, or do we? The most important part of making ice cream is the freezer, and most of us have one of those. No question a machine makes it simpler, but it isn't strictly required. As long as you have the time to spare.



Peeling the peaches is easy enough, if you follow this basic trick. First make two cuts on the bottom (the side that was not connected to a stem).


Parboil the peaches - dunk them in boiling water for a few minutes, until the skin starts to loosen from the cuts.


Run the peaches under cold water to cool them. This will not only help the skin come off more easily, it keeps them from being too hot to touch. The skin will peel away easily.


Add enough sugar to half cover the cut up peaches.


Cook the peach and sugar mixture until the fruit is soft and the sugar has all turned to syrup.


Refrigerate the fruit overnight. Make the ice cream base from your favorite recipe (there are plenty to choose from on the Web). You are going to want to cool the ice cream base over night as well.


The next morning strain the syrup from the peaches into your ice cream base. Do not add the fruit pieces yet.


Put the mixture in the freezer, and stir every 20 - 30 minutes. It is going to take 6 - 8 hours. As the mixture thickens be sure to scrape the edges and bottom, as they will set up first.


Once the mixture has become stiff, add the fruit pieces - by adding them this late you keep them from being frozen hard. This results in a much better texture. After adding the fruit, return to the freezer for another hour, stirring twice more. Ideally serve immediately, but like any ice cream it will hold for some time in the freezer. It will get quite hard if you freeze it overnight or more, so pull it out to soften before serving.