From steak to hamburger and everything in between, beef is the main ingredient in a huge number of dishes. Here are just a few ideas of what to with your favorite cut. You will notice that quite a few of these suggestions use filet of beef (tenderloin). This pricey cut is by far my favorite due to its versatility, texture and leanness.



Beer Braised Beef

A cheaper cut of meat braised (boiled) in dark beer with mushrooms. Served in a pastry boat (pie dough blind baked full of dried beans). The side dishes are a twice baked potato on the left (with the ends cut off, and hollowed out and stuffed) and shredded zucchini on the right. The sprinkle of carrots adds a bit of color.


Beef Bourguignon

The classic French beef stew cooked in red wine. Here it is again served in a boat, with wedges of sweet potatoes sticking out of the sides to add a nice touch.


Beef and Asparagus Couscous

Served family style. This Moroccan classic makes a nice presentation. The bits of beef are sauteed with shallots and spiced with cumin and plenty of black pepper. The couscous has peanuts and plumped raisins (raisins with a splash of dessert wine, microwaved until they absorb some of the wine and become soft).


Filet of Beef with Bearnaise Sauce

Bearnaise is hollandaise made with tarragon vinegar instead of lemon juice. A classic and delicious way to top any steak. Served on my famous, and forever secret, three day potatoes.


Filet of Beef with Blueberry Sauce

Served over a bed of brown lentils, this fruity sauce is a red wine reduction with pureed blueberries. A little plate painting dresses up things.


Filet of Beef with Chocolate Sauce

Thickened with quinoa flour and served with a cold quinoa salad, this basic reduction sauce with unsweetened chocolate complimented the dark flavors in the meat and the Cabernet Sauvignon it was served with.


Tenderloin Stuffed with Crab

Sliced thin (butterflied) and rolled back up with crab legs, served rare (as tenderloin should always be, don't be afraid) and topped with Hollandaise sauce. My three day potatoes can be seen hiding in the corner.


Filet of Beef with Roasted Garlic Butter

Compound butters are a simple way to add flavor to a steak. Just combine the butter and herb or flavoring, in this case roasted garlic, in your food processor. Pipe or spoon into a long "log" in a piece of wax paper, and then freeze. Slice as needed.


Tenderloin Schnitzel with Mushroom Cream Sauce

A gourmet version of the humble schnitzel (or Milanese as it is called in some parts oft world). Instead of using barely chewable meat, here the finest cut of beef is pounded thin and breaded in Parmesan and bread crumbs and fried in olive oil. Topped with mushroom cream sauce, and served with cabbage "stuffed" with plumped dried tomato and pistachio rice.


Beef Napoleon

Slices of tenderloin layered between Parmesan crusted fried potatoes and topped with a sage infused beef veloute sauce.


Filet of Beef with a Plum Mushroom Sauce

A steak served rare and smothered in a wine reduction sauce with plum puree and sliced mushrooms. With fresh potato chips.


Tenderloin stuffed with Lemon Nut Quinoa

As seen in the larger picture at the top of the page, this whole tenderloin was sliced open, and then layered with quinoa that had been seasoned with reduced lemon juice and crushed nuts. The meat was then rolled back up, tied, and grilled, but served rare with a Bearnaise sauce. Bucking tradition I served this with a big buttery Chardonnay to go with the sauce.