A new take on a family favorite

Lasagna is just the name of the noodle, what you do with it is up to you. In Italy you will often find the noodle in a soup, so don't be afraid to experiment. In this version I have used shrimp to make a wonderfully rich dish.



Blend a mixture of ricotta cheese and a few eggs.


Add plenty of herbs, the cheese is very bland. Here oregano is the herb of choice.


Puree cooked shrimp. I added a little port and dark rum to enhance the flavor and to make it blend more easily.


Add a layer of noodles to the bottom of a buttered pan. Notice I am using no bake lasagna noodles. I have tried everything from homemade to these simple noodles, and honestly the difference is too slight to worry about.


Spread your cheese mixture, and top with some bechamel sauce. This basic white sauce is just cream that has been thickened with roux (butter and flour). Make sure the sauce is well salted and has a hint of nutmeg. Otherwise you will be adding bland to bland.


Top with more noodles and then the shrimp mixture. Alternate the cheese and shrimp layers.


On the top layer sprinkle shredded gruyere or other sharp cheese, to give the top a nice crusty layer, and to help seal in the flavors as it cooks.


Make sure you cover the top well, especially the edges, so you get a more or less tight seal as the cheese melts.


Bake in a medium hot oven until the crust is brown. Like most lasagna or casserole dishes, it is better after it has cooled, been refrigerated, and reheated the next day. Assuming you can resist it that long.