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Small Plates

Apps, Soups, Salads, Nibbles

Some small plates, like tapas, empanadas and cheese plates are appetizers, served before or after the main course. Some, like soup, salads and pizzas can be considered meals in of themselves. Almost any main course can be scaled down to serve as an app, but these are those that are most commonly served on small plates.


Main Courses

Meats and More

Main courses are usually, except in the case of vegetarian menus, something with meat, something hearty. For many family dinners these will be the only course. Perhaps served with a salad or a dessert to finish. For multi course meals, these are the big plates, usually found in the middle of the meal.



To Finish or to Start with

Desserts need no introduction, but not everyone loves sweets. If you prefer a bit of cheese to finish your meal with, you will find some ideas over in the small plates section. For the sugar fans, this is the place to look. Pastries can be unbelievably complicated and require specialized tools and skills. I don’t have any of those, so you may rest assured that anything you find in the section can be duplicated by mere mortals.